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I love how Hank uses Deimos' body as a meat shield after Deimos used Hank's body as one, too. xD

This is epic. DAMN CLIFFHANGERS!!! D:<

Now to the next episode.. :D

Tricky's one scary motherfucker.

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Ahhhh, the very first of the combats in Madness.

This is really nostalgic, considering this was ELEVEN YEARS AGO. xD

(Madness Jesus, oh man. I know a lot of Christian NG users there would freak out. Hey, I'm a Roman Catholic, but I don't mind Jesus being there. People should grow a funny bone for things like this, just as long as it's not reaaaaaallly offensive though. To me, this is silly, in my standards. xD)

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I love everything about this game, it's quite unique and it's nicely executed. :)

Really awesome simple game! Love the different endings. :D

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Shit man... This game brought me to tears.. Brought back a lot of memories and pretty much helped me realize, at this current moment, that what I'm going through isn't the end of the world.

I don't know, I guess it's because, a long time ago, I've gone through a lot of shitty situation in life when I was really at my lowest of the low. I've thought about how bad I was at school, how much my parents favour my siblings (and them not really noticing that they have this whole favouritism shit), how I got no one to talk to... And I even had thoughts on suicide.....

Funny thing is, I was able to cope with it when I talked to people who thought about suicide, like me. I met other people who have similar problems like me, to different problems that I've never thought would happen to anyone. I'd listen to them and help them out, and bring them up... Somehow, helping them made me feel better as a person and that helped me most in coping with my depression, knowing that I could help people. (weird huh...?)

When I played this game, most of my answers were the "right" responses, and it's even funnier that most of the "right" responses were the ones I've given to my friends, and that helped them a lot. Guess it's just coincidental, but what really got me tearing up was that these 3 people were people I related to and some of the other responses were things other people told me (which either hurt or helped). Plus, each of these 3 people reminded me of certain friends I've helped out... The "Grim Reaper" reminds me of my boyfriend, who pretty much lacks a lot of empathy and thinks that people who think about suicide should just go kill themselves already since he HATES people who'd just waste away their lives like that. (asshole, I know, but I love him nonetheless. He's still a really great guy.)

I guess you used "Happy" music is because you're in the POV of someone who's having a good life (or at least a content life) and they'd try to help the 3 peeps out because they know that there's more to life than suicide.

I commend you for making this game... And it's your first too, so hey, great job. :)

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LinusPrime responds:

Thank you very much for your review and story, it was very moving.

Funny thing is, I was suffering from severe depression when developing this game and creating it was kind of therapeutic to me. The act of talking to and sharing your emotions and problems with other people who are in similar situations (whether it be in-person or online) is something I found truly invaluable when dealing with depression, and I wanted to simulate that in this game.

I'm grateful that other people have felt that connection to the characters written in this game. I tried to encapsulate different dimensions of depression into each character and people have been able to sympathize and connect with at least one of the characters.

Thanks again for your touching story, it means so much to a silly independent developer whose currently developing obscure games that nobody will play. Here's to a brighter future.

I'm just a human being who gives random cookies AND hugs to everyone. :3

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